We live in a period of rapid change. As those changes take place telehealth has an important part to play in helping to ensure that we can enjoy independent and fulfilled lives – regardless of any particular physical or sensory challenges that we face.


The Telehealth Quality Group (TQG) was incorporated in December 2014 to create a community for and a guide the development of telehealth services – ensuring that there is an international benchmark in place for telehealth service quality.

At the core of the TQG is the International Code of Practice for Telehealth Services ©. This has built on work funded by the European Commission (the TeleSCoPE project: EAHC 2009 11 11).


Through the International Code and the support provided by the TQG there is an opportunity for governments and their agencies, service procurers (commissioners) or providers to harness or steer telehealth and related communications technologies in ways that can engage, include and empower service users. There is a parallel opportunity for telehealth service users and carers to harness technologies and related services in ways that respond to their choices; and for manufacturers and suppliers to keep in touch with good practice and be at the forefront of thinking about telehealth.


The TQG is a European Economic Interest Group (EEIG) registered (No. GE000306) with Companies House in Cardiff (United Kingdom). It fully owns the International Code. The registered office of the TQG is at the Health Design and Technology Institute, Coventry University Technology Park, Puma Way, Coventry CV1 2TT, United Kingdom. The TQG banks with KBC, Brussels (Belgium).


An EEIG is ‘a form of association between companies or other legal bodies, firms or individuals from different EU countries who need to operate together across national frontiers. It carries out particular tasks for its member-owners’ (see www.companieshouse.gov.uk/about/gbhtml/gpo4.shtml).


At 19th October 2015 there are four TQG partners as follows:


  1. Dr Malcolm Fisk (Individual) United Kingdom – Director
  2. Lievens-Lanckman bvba (represented by Frederic Lievens) Belgium – CoDirector
  3. Dr Drago Rudel (Individual) Slovenia – CoDirector
  4. Dr Kevin Doughty (Individual) United Kingdom – CoDirector