An Introduction to a Future!

This is the most important book that you will read in 2019. It informs and challenges. It sets new benchmarks for telecare and telehealth and will whet your appetite for more! Kevin Doughty, the author, casts it as ‘an introduction to a future’ – with that future, harnessing the benefits of digital transformation, to be set out in Part 2 (expected in the autumn).

About Kevin Doughty

Kevin Doughty has a long and distinguished record with regard to telecare –within industry and academia. He is a Director of the Telehealth Quality Group and a Visiting Professor in Digital Transformation of Care Services at the University of Cumbria. His innovations and enterprises range from early work at Bangor University and his spinout company ‘Technology in Healthcare’, to Tunstall Telecom and, more recently, T-Cubed (the Telecare Think Tank   

What’s in the book?

The author positions the book as a ‘resource manual for everyone from front-line care and support staff through to managers, commissioners and families’ adding that ‘different groups can use it in different ways’. The families, of course, include the users – who stand to be the biggest beneficiaries – subject to the technologies being configured in ways that wherever appropriate help them to become more equal partners in their own care.

The scope of the book is truly immense. In its 250 pages it explores issues for health and care service providers (from frailty to sight loss); the technologies themselves (from fall detectors to robotic pets); and, of course, the choices and options available to both providers and users.   

The book has a value hugely in excess of £13.75  It is available at Amazon: