videoDoc joins the TQG

This is more than a trend. videoDoc is part of the vanguard of services that is giving people easier access to healthcare services online. The company is collaborating with health and care services, notably in the UK and Ireland – but with great ambitions to further develop its services internationally. More details of videoDoc are to be found in the ‘Membership’ section of this website. They join a raft of forward-thinking TQG members, including Self Help, Dignio and Svensk Telepsykiatri – where ‘online’ is at the core of their businesses.

It’s in the Code!

The fact that ‘online’ services are joining the TQG comes as no surprise. The TQG’s well respected International Code of Practice for Telehealth Services (now in its 2018/19 issue) has always been at the cutting edge – with its strong ethical foundation that addresses the needs of mHealth service providers (including a comprehensive clause on video-consultation) and puts the needs of service users (including the security of their personal data) at the forefront.

The Time is Right

videoDoc join just as the TQG has decided to establish a Special Interest Group that will be developing protocols for video communications in health and care services. At the moment there are no agreed codes or standards – in a context where both service providers and the people that use them need safeguards to be in place. News of the SIG will be posted in the next few weeks!